University of Texas at Austin
Conference Room / Seminar Room

3.336 Conference Room / Seminar Room

Who can use this room

Oden Institute Faculty, Staff, Students.

Please note: The main speakers are currently out of order in this room - there is a pair of external PC speakers that you can use. 

These facilities are NOT available for class meetings, review sessions, extended office hours or student organizations. These facilities are not classrooms and therefore are not scheduled through the University Registrar’s Office.

  • The room is provided in "as is" condition. No extra chairs, extension cords, tables, easles etc. are available for use. Those in other rooms or spaces in the building may not be relocated.
  • There is no technical support provided for this room.
  • All garbage must be collected and neatly combined for disposal. Please utilize trash cans at the elevators / kitchens if additional space is required.
  • The contact person on the reservation is responsible for hosting the event, leaving the room in a clean and usable state, and securing audio/visual equipment when the room is left unattended.
  • If the keypad code does not work to unlock the door, please email and let us know. These locks have batteries which need to be replaced.


Dell PC laptop computer

Front digital video projection

Laptop HDMI (2 connections)

Laptop mini display port connection

Laptop VGA with audio connection

Logitech Video and Conference Calling

Stereo sound

Touch panel remote control (A/V system)



Wireless internet

Table Seating

16 chairs

Max Occupancy

25 persons

Total Sq. Footage

406 square feet

How to reserve

Requests will be responded to within 2 business days. Any requests not made with at least 2 business days notice may not be approved. Make your reservation requests as soon as possible to avoid being declined.

Complete this Qualtrics to provide the necessary information including:

  • Event Name
  • UT Department/Group Name
  • Planning Contact Name & Phone
  • On-Site Contact Name & Phone (if different from above)
  • Date(s) of Event
  • Time of Event
  • Room(s) Requested
  • Estimated Number of Participants

Email confirmation of approval will be received within 2 business days

To reserve directly on the calendar for this room:

Make sure you are using the newest version of the Outlook calendar!

  • Create a "New Event"
  • In the subject line, fill in the event name.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: In the "Location" line, type POB and the number of the room you would like to reserve. You may choose the room option from the scrolling list with the email address included. This will add the requested room to your reservation. 
  • Confirm the date and the time of the event and if it is recurring, choose a selection in the "Recurrence" tab. 
  • It's best to use the scheduling assistant to help show you if there are any conflicting meetings in the room you selected, or what rooms could be available at the time you need one. 
  • In the body (open space area at the bottom of the window) add any important information you would like to be noted.
  • Once you confirm that all the details are correct, press "Send". The event will then be added to the rooms' calendar as "tentative" until accepted.*
  • When your reservation in accepted, you will receive an email notication stating the room was "accepted".

*Please note: if you receive a "declined" notification, you have chosen a room that is not available for all or part of the time you requested. You will not receive any other notifications, so make sure that you correct the date, time or room option and resubmit using the steps above.