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BS CS / MS CSEM joint degree

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BS CS / MS CSEM Integrated Degree

The Five-Year BS CS / MS CSEM Integrated Program enables highly talented students with strong academic records to earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (BS CS / MS CSEM) within a five-year period. The BS in Computer Science will prepare students with a strong foundation in computing. The MS in Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics complements the Department of Computer Science’s focus on data with a strong emphasis on mathematics, scientific computing, and applications of computing to real-world problems. The CSEM Master’s Program is a highly interdisciplinary program and consists of three concentration areas: Area A — applicable mathematics; Area B — numerical analysis and scientific computation; and Area C — mathematical modeling and applications. The integrated BS CS / MS CSEM program will provide students with a well-rounded education enabling them to not only understand the fundamental science of computing, but how computing is used to tackle challenging problems.

Talented, high achieving juniors may apply to the BS CS / MS CS Integrated Program (students should be in the spring semester of their junior year when applying in May and be within 12 hours of finishing their undergraduate courses.) The BS CS Option IV degree requires a total of 120 hours. The MS CSEM degree associated with this program requires a total of 30 hours. Combined, the degrees total 150 hours, spread out over five years. Students may only be admitted for fall semesters. Applications are open only to current, degree-seeking computer science majors at the University of Texas at Austin.

During the senior year (Stage One), students admitted to the program will continue to be undergraduates in the College of Natural Sciences. They will apply to the Graduate School during the senior year, for admission as full-fledged graduate students in the fifth year (Stage Two). The BS CS and MS CSEM degrees will be simultaneously awarded upon completion of the MS CSEM degree requirements.

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— Application Deadline: February 12, 2024 —


See Computer Science department for information on eligibility.

Application Materials

  • Online application form (link below)
  • Recommendations (2 required)
  • Statement of Purpose — Describe your reasons for pursuing graduate study and your academic and professional interests and goals (1-2 pages).
  • Resume (optional)
  • List of publications (optional)

(All materials will be collected via the application form)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between stage one and stage two of the program?

    During stage one (the student’s fourth year), the student is registered in the CS BS integrated program major code and is classified as an undergraduate student. During stage two (the student’s fifth year), the student is registered in the MS CSE integrated program major code and is classified as a graduate student.

  • Is the GRE required to move to stage two?

    Normally, the GRE is required for all applicants to the Graduate School, however, the CS/CSEM joint degree program has received a waiver of this requirement.

  • Is there a limit to how many graduate level courses can be taken as an undergraduate student (stage one)?

    Yes, students in the integrated program may take no more than 6 hours of graduate level courses per semester during stage one. The Graduate School limits the number of credits that may be reserved for graduate credit to 12 hours.

  • If I finish my undergraduate courses early may I take more graduate level courses in stage one?

    No. Students will not be allowed to take more than 6 hours of graduate level courses per semester during stage one.

  • If I finish my undergraduate courses early can I move to stage two early?

    No. Students may not enter stage two prior to the Fall of their 5th year.

  • How do I move to stage two?

    In the Fall of the 4th year (stage one), students will submit a graduate application to the MS CSE integrated program. At the conclusion of stage one (May of the 4th year), student progress will be evaluated. If satisfactory progress is being made, student will be admitted to stage two beginning Fall of the 5th year.

  • How many credit hours can be taken once a student is in stage two?

    Graduate students in the integrated program are limited to 9 credit hours per semester (three 3-hour classes). This is a full-time course load for a graduate student. Exceptions will only be made in rare and unusual circumstances with the approval of the Graduate Adviser.

  • Is enrollment in courses outside of the CSE department guaranteed?

    We cannot guarantee that graduate courses offered by other departments will be available to integrated program students. We will work closely with the CS department to ensure that CS courses recommended by the CSE graduate adviser will be made available to students in the integrated program.