University of Texas at Austin

Affiliating with the Oden Institute

UT Austin faculty, research scientists and research associates working on advanced modeling, simulation, and computation in the engineering, natural, mathematical, computer, economic, and social sciences are invited to apply for affiliation with the Oden Institute.

Why affiliate with the Oden Institute?

The Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences is a unique research unit dedicated to both research and graduate study, and created to foster the performance of interdisciplinary research in computational science and engineering, mathematical modeling, applied mathematics, computational medicine, software engineering and computational visualization.

Made up of faculty and researchers ffrom 5 different schools and 24 different departments across the University, the Oden Institute offers opportunities to engage in meaningful interactions across disciplines and form exciting new collaborations that address societal grand challenges across the sciences, engineering and medicine.

Affiliated faculty work with students in the Institute's Computational Science, Engineering, & Mathematics (CSEM) graduate program which has over 100 students seeking to conduct challenging research at the forefront of computational science. Affiliated faculty also work with the Institute’s 40-50 postdoctoral scholars, who are drawn to the Institute after completing their graduate work at top programs in computational science, engineering and mathematics around the world.

Collaboration as an Affiliate Faculty

About Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty typically engage with the Oden Institute in one or more of the following ways:

In addition, Affiliated Faculty who are new to the University and expect to engage with the Institute and become Core Faculty may serve on the CSEM Graduate Studies Committee (GSC). This entitles the faculty member to teach CSEM cross-listed courses and to chair CSEM PhD student committees. (Such appointments to the GSC will sunset in three years, if the faculty member does not transition to Core Faculty.)


Core Faculty

A subset of the Affiliated Faculty, defined as Oden Institute Core Faculty, are more heavily invested in the Institute's teaching and research mission. Core Faculty maintain Oden Institute research projects, may serve on Institute and CSEM committees including the CSEM GSC, may direct CSEM PhD student dissertations, may mentor Oden Institute postdoctoral researchers, may teach CSEM courses, may organize Institute seminars and workshops, and generally contribute to furthering the international stature of the Oden Institute.

How to Join

Interested UT Austin faculty, research scientists, and research associates may apply for affiliation by submitting a statement of interest that describes how their research aligns with the research mission of the Institute, along with their CV. The application should be sponsored by a member of the Oden Institute Core Faculty.

All documents should be submitted to the Institute's Deputy Director via email.