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LASA Computer Science Independent Study Student Presentations

LASA Computer Science Independent Study Students, LASA High School

3 – 5PM
Thursday May 23, 2024

POB 6.304


Jai Nagaraj:  Algorithmic Game Theory with applications in Computer Science. The study included theoretical applications of Nash equilibrium to machine learning algorithms (Randomized Weighted Majority and Polynomial Weights) and turn-based games (Minimax Theorem).  Finally, the concept of Nash equilibrium is applied to non-atomic network routing.

Sameer Agrawal: Explored methods for simulating many-body systems in both classical and quantum mechanics. Invesigated the Quadtree method for approximating many-body gravitational systems. and the Hartree-Fock method for simulating many-body quantum systems. Both methods yielded fairly accurate simulations in their respective domains.

Vedanth Ramanathan: The development and basic structures of Neural Networks in Image Classification, and the use of high-performance algorithms to minimize bias in the data processing stage.  The techniques are applied to the detection of certain forms of cancer

Samuel Newmark: Compiler design for a custom programming language. The study focused on translating idealized instructions into ARM assembly with an implementation of garbage collection and object-oriented principles, including polymorphism and inheritance.




LASA Computer Science Independent Study Student Presentations

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3 – 5PM
Thursday May 23, 2024
Location POB 6.304
Hosted by Karen E. Willcox
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