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Feras Habbal



office POB 3.112

Feras Habbal

Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate V Computational Research in Ice and Ocean Systems Group

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Feras Habbal received his Ph.D. from Caltech (2009) in computational mechanics, where his research focused on developing meshfree numerical methods for strongly coupled solid fluid interaction problems. Since then, his research transitioned towards climate science, with postdoctoral appointments focusing on ice sheet modeling for applications to Antarctica and Greenland (UC-Irvine/JPL, 2010-2012) and airborne geophysics focused on characterizing grounding line retreat in Antarctica (University of Texas Institute for Geophysics, 2013-2015). 

At the Oden institute (2015-present), Dr. Habbal’s research within the Computational Research in Ice and Ocean Systems group (CRIOS) has focused on implementing efficient sub-gridscale parameterizations for capturing ocean-driven melting of Greenland's major outlet glaciers within regional and global ocean models.