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Helen Pillar

Research Associate Computational Research in Ice and Ocean Systems Group

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Helen is a Research Associate in the Computational Research in Ice and Ocean Systems (CRIOS) group, led by Professor Patrick Heimbach. She completed her PhD in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford, working with Professors Helen Johnson and David Marshall. Her thesis explored mechanisms underpinning variability in the Atlantic Overturning, using numerical models for sensitivity and attribution experiments. Helen's core research interests lie in understanding variability in the large-scale ocean circulation and associated transports of heat and freshwater, and in developing tools enabling this task. Additionally, she is very interested in ocean observing system assessment and design. 

Since joining CRIOS in 2018, she has contributed to the production of a dynamically consistent model-data synthesis for the Arctic and subpolar North Atlantic (ASTE). Her current collaborations focus on leveraging ASTE's adjoint-based infrastructure to explore signals sequestered within existing ocean datasets and support increasingly effective, holistic and societally beneficial monitoring of the current state of the ocean and detection of future change. 

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