University of Texas at Austin

Ivana Escobar

CSEM Student

GSA Representative

Graduate Student Computational Research in Ice and Ocean Systems Group

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Ivana was born in Mexico and grew up in San Diego, CA.She enjoys rock climbing, live music, and planning adventures with friends and family. She considers herself to be a good community leader and strive to be a good role model for underrepresented women in STEM. Her research interests include development of predictive models under uncertainty, computational oceanography, inverse and adjoint modeling, uncertainty quantification, scalable algorithms, and HPC code development. She sees herself working in industry with an emphasis on engineering code development because she believes in collaborative efforts in this application- driven field. She is not only passionate about being a strong mentor for budding researchers, but wants to normalize an inclusive culture in research.

BS, Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas at San Antonio
MS, Structural Engineering, University of California, San Diego
MS, CSEM, Oden Institute, The University of Texas at Austin