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Marc Hesse




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Marc Hesse

Affiliated faculty (non-Core)

Dave P. Carlton Centennial Professorship in Geology

Associate Professor Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Research Interests

Computational Mechanics Computational Geosciences Fluid Mechanics


Marc Hesse is a computational geoscientist interested in the fluid dynamics in the Earth and Planetary sciences. Due to his broad training, his work bridges both the classical solid-earth sciences and the environmental sciences and energy geosciences. Marc believes that fluid dynamics provides a unifying theme across the geosciences and he is actively developing and teaching a range of new and innovative courses on fluid mechanics from a geoscience perspective.

Marc initially studied Geology at the Technical University of Munich and the University of Edinburgh where he has developed an interest in a broad range of geological phenomena. Recognizing the importance of fluid dynamics and mathematical modeling in the study of porous media, Marc shifted towards applied mathematics and its applications in the geosciences during his graduate education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Cambridge, Stanford University and during his postdoc at Brown University. Marc is currently interested in the habitability of icy ocean worlds in the outer solar system and the assimilation of geodetic data into geomechanical models for groundwater aquifers.

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