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Mehmet Dogan

Research Fellow Center for Computational Materials

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Mehmet Dogan is a Research Fellow in the Center for Computational Materials. After completing his bachelors degrees in Physics (2009) and Mathematics (2010) at Middle East Technical University in Turkey, he did a PhD in Physics at Yale University (2017). During his PhD, he computationally studied interfaces between semiconductors and thin film oxides with a focus on ferroelectricity, advised by Sohrab Ismail-Beigi. As a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley (2018–2021) with Marvin L. Cohen, he studied 2D materials and superconductivity in high-pressure hydrogen.

Currently, Mehmet works with James R. Chelikowsky at the Oden Institute. His research interests include molecular dynamics simulations of liquid–solid interfaces and superconductivity in hydrogen rich materials.