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Bassel Saleh




phone (281) 515-2772

office POB 4.240

Bassel Saleh

CSEM Student Student Leader

GSA Representative

Graduate Student Optimization, Inversion, Machine Learning, and Uncertainty for Complex Systems

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Research Interests

Bayesian Methods Relativity Artificial Intelligence Inverse Problems


Bassel is a PhD student in the CSEM program. He graduated from UT Austin in 2018 with a B.S. in physics and a B.S. with honors in computer science. He works with Prof. Omar Ghattas in the OPTIMUS group and with Prof. Aaron Zimmerman in the Center for Gravitational Physics. His research focus is on solving inverse problems for gravitational wave applications, with an emphasis on Bayesian uncertainty quantification.

BS, Physics, University of Texas at Austin (2018)
BS, Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin (2018)
MS, Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin (2020)

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